Thursday, April 24, 2008

Truth be Told

Setting: Parking garage beneath our building.
Characters: Me, Margot, man unloading packages from his car.

Scene opens.

Margot (loudly): "That man looks like XXX" (XXX is probably not a reader of this site, but is definitely known by readers of this site.)

Me: "Yes, I suppose he does look a little like XXX."

Margot: "They have the same hair. You know, the kind when you don't have any hair up here." (Indicates the top of her head.)

Man unloading car looks up.

I fumble to find keys and get us quickly to the elevator bank.

Scene ends.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My new all-time favorite photo

Much Needed Update

Has it really been a month since I've written anything here?

Margot is great. We're great. Just busy trying to settle the details of our imminent move to Washington, DC (where will we live? where will I work? where will Margot go to school? what kind of bedding can I buy for Margot on Ebay? You get the picture.)

But we've had some changes, too. For one, Margot has a new haircut which was dubbed 'trendy' by our next-door neighbor. You decide:

She also has an imaginary friend who often joins us for dinner and sleepovers. One evening a few weeks ago, Margot opened the front door of our apartment and announced a new friend had come over. "Mara" (sounds suspiciously like "Kara," Min's good friend from school who lives one floor up from us) is Min's newest playmate and they play intricate dress-up games and sometimes picnic. She's clean and quiet, so I don't mind when she comes over.

I will do better...I will do better...don't leave me, visitors! More posts to come.