Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Raw eggs? Nevermind them.

There is nothing better than licking brownie batter off of a spatula. Just ask Margot.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

This Post's for You, Great-Grandpa!

Margot, Brodie and I had a lovely visit with Margot's great-grandpa on Sunday afternoon. And the first thing he said to me was, "Why haven't you been updating your blog? I miss it."

And that is what spurred me to get my act together, download some photos, and start writing my snippets again.

This post goes out to you, Great-Grandpa! Margot had a terrific time visiting you, as you can see from these photos!

Maybe she meant I looked like Tina Fey

On Monday morning I had a job interview and so dressed in my conservative blue suit. I also pulled my hair back and wore my dark-rimmed glasses (I do believe that the general public has a tendency to think people in glasses are 1. smarter and 2. professional. I figured it wasn't going to hurt me to arrive prepared with psychological warfare.)

As I put on my lipstick, Margot watched me from the bathroom doorway.

"Well, how do I look?" I asked her.

She studied me for a moment. "Handsome," she answered.

'Handsome' is what she calls her daddy when he's dressed for work. Essentially, I was wearing the same outfit he wears, only with heels.

"Well, thank you," I relied.

She paused a moment. "Actually, you look like Sarah Palin."

Did my three-year-old just tell me I look like Sarah Palin?

Political commentary aside, this is clearly a sign that she needs to participate in more age-appropriate activities.

More Summer of '08

Through these, you're just about all caught up. It was a summer of after-dinner lacrosse, ballet on the front lawn, and beaches. Perfection.

Summer of 2008

The house renovations, coupled with teaching classes online and not having Margot in any kind of preschool program this summer, prevented me from making any blog postings. But I am going to try to post at least weekly through the rest of the year. To bring you up to date, here is Margot's summer, in photos: