Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Maybe she meant I looked like Tina Fey

On Monday morning I had a job interview and so dressed in my conservative blue suit. I also pulled my hair back and wore my dark-rimmed glasses (I do believe that the general public has a tendency to think people in glasses are 1. smarter and 2. professional. I figured it wasn't going to hurt me to arrive prepared with psychological warfare.)

As I put on my lipstick, Margot watched me from the bathroom doorway.

"Well, how do I look?" I asked her.

She studied me for a moment. "Handsome," she answered.

'Handsome' is what she calls her daddy when he's dressed for work. Essentially, I was wearing the same outfit he wears, only with heels.

"Well, thank you," I relied.

She paused a moment. "Actually, you look like Sarah Palin."

Did my three-year-old just tell me I look like Sarah Palin?

Political commentary aside, this is clearly a sign that she needs to participate in more age-appropriate activities.

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Jennifer said...

hee hee.. that is classic.. absolutely classic.. thanks for posting! :)