Sunday, August 06, 2006

Introducing Piggy

To know Margot is to know the most important creature in her life: Piggy.

We don't know who gifted Piggy to Margot, but I wish I could give him/her a big 'thank you' for providing Margot with her number one favorite toy.

She has cuter, softer toys, but I suspect Piggy's handy size made him the favorite about a year ago. Piggy now accompanies us everywhere - in family pictures, on long car rides, and especially at nap time. He allows Brodie and I to take Margot to restaurants that we otherwise would not be welcome in; all we have to do is produce Piggy and all whining and fussing cease. Margot's thumb goes into her mouth and she clutches Piggy to her cheek and ahhhh....silence reigns.

I purchased an identical pig last winter in case - God forbid - anything should happen to the original Piggy (honestly, I've considered insuring him). But, of course, Margot will have nothing to do with this imposter pig that I now refer to as Alternate Piggy (shown here with the real Piggy).

"Ba Ba," Margot wails when she needs comforting. "Ba Ba, BA BA!" More than once I've had to pull the car over to the shoulder of a highway to retrieve him from the crack between her carseat and the door. But she loves Piggy, and so do I. He makes parenting almost easy.

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