Friday, August 25, 2006

The Littlest Buddha

On Monday, Margot, Grandma D., and I enjoyed ice cream in the late afternoon down in St. Michaels. Note: this was the first time that Margot actually had her own ice cream and wasn't just mooching off mine.

On the wall behind us was a Mayan relief, kind of like this one.

"Buddha!" Margot exclaimed. "Buddha! Buddha!"

Margot only knows about 35 words. The fact that one of these words is Buddha astounds me. Of course, this could be because our house is draped with artifacts from Southeast Asian adventures, including a huge Buddha relief over the couch. But I like to think it's because Min spent a number of her formative weeks in utero in Thailand; she'll always have that with her.

Here is Margot, almost exactly one year ago, modeling traditional Thai clothes.

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