Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Min Takes Manhattan

We spent part of Labor Day weekend up in New York, although Tropical Depression Ernesto ensured that we stayed indoors the entire time.

But Margot did get to make a trip to MOMA, where, funny enough, a Dada exhibit is on display. (Okay, I will refrain from making a bad joke about Brodie being at the museum with us, but just know that I thought about making such a joke.)

She enjoyed the exhibits as much as any child could, pointing out objects she recognized ("dog," "ball," "baby") and kept up a steady chant demanding dried apricots (possibly soon to replace the cookie as her favorite food).

Side note: it is illegal in the MOMA to carry a child on your shoulders. Security guards reprimanded both Brodie and me at different times and on different floors. (In my defense, I thought that the guard who requested Margot's dismount from Brodie's shoulders did so because there was a mobile of wooden hangers close by, and maybe she thought that Margot would leap from Brodie's shoulders and swing from the mobile. But apparently it's just a general rule, as I later found out on a different floor, from a different guard, where nothing was hanging from the ceiling.)

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Tee-Tee said...

What a honey! I love her outfit--it's adorable!