Thursday, October 19, 2006

An Apple a Day...

Yesterday Margot and I went with some friends to a local 'pumpkin patch' (which was really more like a pumpkin circus, with a petting zoo, hayride, bale-of-hay maze, playground, farmers' market, etc.)

Margot showed weak interest in the pumpkins, but was very interested in her new favorite produce: apples. "Ap-ple" is the new "Cooo-kie" in Margot's world. She asks for them all day long. Lucky for her, this farm boasted a million varieties of apple.

This morning she reminded me of how awesome yesterday was with the following:
"Margot. Apple. Hay-wide."

Things did get a little dicey on the hayride when her friend Joseph showed a little too much interest in her apple.


Mandy said...

What a wee person.

Tee-Tee said...

when are you bringing her home?!

Mothering Mini said...

You know, I live for your comments guys. At least I know you two are reading! :)