Sunday, October 15, 2006


Min picks up phrases these days like bees pick up pollen - they just stick to her as she buzzes through life. One of her favorites is "Come on, Porsche" (combined with clapping her hands or slapping her thigh). I, of course, say this fifty times a day and so Margot is just imitating me (the sincerest form of flattery, right?)

She's also learned to say, "Enough," which I also probably say fifty times a day to her and Portia both (such as, "You've had enough cookies" or "Portia, enough!" when she begs at the table).

Well, it appears that Margot has inherited (or is mimicking?) my impatience. We went to Mass this morning and Min was mostly amused with the intermittent standing, sitting and singing. She remained quiet for the first 20 minutes or so. But about five minutes into the priest's homily her tiny voice rang across the silent church. "e-NUFF."

"Shhhh...." I said, hoping others would think it was just baby babble. But there was no stopping her.

"e-NUFF. e-NUFF." She managed to get a few more out before I magically produced Alternate Piggy (aka Babi) from my purse, distracting her to silence once again. Luckily it was a short homily (I hope that doesn't mean the priest took it personally).


Tee-Tee said...

That is SOO Funny! What a little pumpkin

Mandy said...

I laughed out loud!