Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A Dickens Christmas

This morning Margot and I did a little Christmas shopping at the downtown Philadelphia Macy's, which is housed in a beautiful old building with two gigantic atriums. Everything was draped with twinkling white lights and Christmas trees (let's face it, the store has probably been decorated since Halloween) and we even caught a light-show/singalong with Frosty and Santa.

Margot enjoyed the lightshow immensely, so I thought we'd also visit the Dickens Village (a special exhibit housed on the third floor). The Dickens Village is a retelling of A Christmas Carol, complete with 19th century-looking lifesize dolls that move. It was very dark, and included a cemetary scene with Jacob Marley, the warmth of life at the Cratchit's house, and many gnarled images of Scrooge.

I didn't have a camera with me, but Margot was horrified. Remember her visit to the petting zoo? It was a lot like that.

Margot tried to be brave but she sucked her thumb so hard with fright I should check to see if she still has a fingernail. Babi got the life squeezed out of his stuffed little body. The exhibit wove through different rooms so there was no way to exit without viewing the entire exhibit. At the end, a live character dressed as 'the spirit of Christmas present' greeted the visitors, and that's when Margot lost it. I could hardly blame her - "The Spirit of Christmas Present" was a huge man with brown curls and a brown curly beard dressed in a Santa Suit. He had a wreath of eucalyptus on his head and solid black boots. Just like this guy.

I hope this doesn't make her eternally afraid of Santa Claus.

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tdnyc said...

Maybe she just realized how many times she will watch that movie and A Christmas Story in her life?