Sunday, January 28, 2007

Snoozing Near the Tub

Friday marked the Min's 760th day of life. Each night of her life, she's slept in a crib. She's slept in different states (New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Washington [state] and Virginia), one District (of Columbia), and two countries (U.S. and Canada). She's slept on the beach and in a tent. She slept through a Nationals game and also many, many dinners out.

Friday marked the second night Min slept in a bathroom.

A friend of mine from college (Sarah) came to visit this weekend, and so I inflated the air mattress for her and placed it in Margot's room. I figured Margot could sleep the night in my room, either in her Pack and Play or in the bed.

The problem was she didn't want to sleep.

She chatted for hours, singing, whispering, and asking, "Eat breakfast? Eat breakfast?" She didn't cry, but she simply wasn't tired. I managed to doze through most of it, but it kept Brodie awake and he was pretty frustrated. Eventually, he set her Pack and Play up in our bathroom where she couldn't see us. I don't know if she slept, but she was certainly quiet enough for me to fall asleep.

The thing is, this isn't the first time she spent the night in a bathroom in that Pack and Play. One night the three of us shared a hotel room and again she wasn't interested in sleeping. Luckily the room had a huge bathroom, so we set her crib up in there and she snoozed the night (and Brodie and I didn't have to go to bed at 7 pm that night).


Queen Haline said...

Very cute story.

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Time for an update!