Sunday, February 11, 2007


I guess I knew we wouldn't escape the inevitable clothes removal/soaked sheets incident before Margot was fully potty trained.

We'd been lucky in the past.

But last night around 9:00 pm, Margot began to wail. Not the "I don't feel like sleeping" cry, but a real "Guys, come in here I need you right now!" cry.

Brodie and I dashed up the stairs and there she lay: naked, very wet, and freezing cold. Her 'nammies were in one corner of her crib and her completely dry diaper was in anoth corner. She lay right in the middle of a huge puddle on her sheet, blinking bleary-eyed in the glare of the overhead lights. Who knows how long she was like that before she cried! It seemed like a while. We couldn't help but laugh; poor Margot looked so betrayed by our amusement.

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