Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Happy (Adjusted) Birthday!

Today is Margot's adjusted birthday. March 21 was my due date, so this is the day Margot was 'supposed' to be born. As a preemie, Margot's infancy was marked by her 'real' age and her 'adjusted' age (because, obviously, a six-month-old born at 28 weeks couldn't be expected to do the same things as a six-month-old born at 40 weeks.)

Margot is no longer measured against her 'adjusted' birthday because she's more than all caught up. But I think I'll always celebrate this additional day (at least in my head).

This afternoon, Margot went to Gymboree where she ran and screamed joyously with Caroline until the gym closed and they kicked us all out.


Mandy said...

Man, is she growing!!! Unbelievable. : )

GrandmaD said...

What a character !! She's normal, but she'll never be average.

Queen Haline said...

She is truely a miracle baby. Celebrating her adjusted birthday will always remind you of that.