Thursday, April 26, 2007


Margot: "Mommy! Look what I made!"

Me: "That's lovely! Tell me about it. What's happening in the picture?" (Because, God forbid, you ask your kid 'What is it?' Such blunt questioning has gone the way of corporal punishment in the classroom by today's parenting standards!)

Margot: "It's a frog."

And that's when I realized: hey, that image is pretty good. And, in an abstract way, it does kind of look like a frog. Especially the curve at the top. Maybe I only see that because I'm her mom, but this one is way better than the usual scribble on her Magnadoodle.

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MomD said...

I see the ribbons arrived.
It DOES look like a frog a la Thurber. Maybe she's write for the "New Yorker" when she gets older