Monday, April 23, 2007

A Visit to the Suburbs

Yesterday Margot, Brodie, and I drove to Ellicott City, MD, to celebrate the christening of Margot's newest cousin, Quinn Rogan. Brodie and I became Quinn's godparents; Quinn was an angel all day! He didn't cry when the priest poured holy water across his forehead, and also didn't cry when the priest's jokes fell flat during the homily. Such a doll.

After the christening, we all returned to Jen and Jared's house for a lovely luncheon in the perfect 80 degree sunshine.

This was Margot's funniest comment of the day: When she walked out of the kitchen and onto the back deck, where she caught a glimpse of the plastic slide and other toys, she immediately exclaimed, "Whoa! A PARK!"

She had a great time catching up with her cousins Luke and Riley in the warm air.

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