Monday, May 21, 2007

Anatomy 101

Margot had the chance to hang out with her youngest cousin on Saturday, "Baby Quinn." (In her world, all babies have titles, such as 'Baby Quinn' or 'Baby Caci.')

We were at a baby shower, but once she learned the presents were not for her, Margot only wanted to be near Baby Quinn. She wanted to watch his mom (her Aunt Jennifer) feed him and hold him. She examined his toes and fingers and spent a lot of time trying to look closely at his perfect little face.

Min was thrilled when Jennifer asked her if she wanted to watch while Jen changed Baby Quinn's diaper. She hovered close by while Jen laid Quinn on a couch and took off his diaper. And then, in a voice tinged with surprise and wonder, Margot shouted for the room to hear:

"Baby Quinn has a tail! Mommy, Baby Quinn has a tail!"

(Baby Quinn's a boy - get it?)

The guests roared with laughter. While she didn't know why everyone was laughing so hard, Min certainly liked the attention; I could tell my the glimmer in her eye. She tried to laugh along, but I know there is some definite confusion that we'll need to address soon.


Mahlers On Safari said...

Girlfriend... and you call yourself a sexual health expert?!

Only kidding! Kids and their understanding of body parts and talking them about penises and vaginas is not easy - even for the most seasoned of us :0 All of a sudden our little baby is noticing things - and we need to run to catch up with them.

Mothering Mini said...

Hi Hally!
You know that I write about adolescent reproductive health, not preschool! :)
Looks like it's time to start reading Margot some Youth Issues Papers at night - hahaha.