Thursday, June 14, 2007

Preparing for a (temporary) move

Since Brodie left for London, I've been reminding Margot each day that soon we'll see him again. And every time our conversation goes exactly like this:

Me: "In __ days, we'll go to London and we'll all be together again."
Min: "At the airport?"
Me: "Well, Dad's not at the airport anymore, but we'll go through an airport to get to him."
Min: "We'll fly on a plane?"
Me: "Yes, we'll fly on a plane."
Min: "With my carseat?"
Me: "Yes, we'll take your carseat."
Min: "With Bobby? And Puffy? And Bun?" (Note: 'Puffy' refers to a pink dog she named "Puffy Dog" and 'Bun' is a brown dog. These guys rank well in the hierarchy of stuffed animals that live in her crib.)
Me: "Yes, with Bobby and Puffy and Bun."

Here, Margot always pauses.

Min: "And will we eat breakfast on the airplane?"

I assure her that we will. Although, to be honest, with our coach fare seats, I am not sure that the airline (US Air) will provide us with a breakfast. I'll have to be sure to bring something breakfast-like on the flight in case they don't.

I'm not sure why eating breakfast is so important to Margot for this trip, but I can only suspect it was discussed at some point in a Caillou episode.

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Mandy said...

I think she has her priorities in line with breakfast!

Thanks again for meeting me for Indian. I hope you both have a safe and smooth journey. : )