Thursday, June 21, 2007

Summer Solstice

Today, June 21, is my absolute favorite day of the year. Better than Christmas. Better than my birthday. Better than Thanksgiving, or the last day of finals, or New Year's Eve (which I really don't like at all).

It's summer solstice!

While today is not the latest sunset (that occurs later in June or in early July) the notion that summer is here and there is so much blessed daylight makes this my favorite day of the year.

I got to celebrate summer solstice this year by actually seeing Brodie home before 11pm or midnight, and the three of us ate a fabulous Italian dinner near Smithfields Market (Margot and I will visit that tomorrow - it's been the scene of lots of drawing and quartering; additionally, in the 18th century, husbands were allowed to bring their troublesome wives to sell at the market along with their wares - gotta love that!)

A highlight of the day included our visit to St. James' Park (again). While there, Margot overheard a father admonish his son, "Don't be cheeky!" Margot laughed out loud and turned to me immediately and said, "Don't be cheeky, Mommy!"

One thing that Margot loves about the park is the giant sandbox, and I have to admit it's pretty awesome for kids. All the British tykes run around barefoot, but Margot wears her sandals. A friend of mine, who is living in Tanzania, had an unfortunate run-in with hookworm from a sandbox with her two-year-olds, and I'll never be able to allow Margot to play barefoot in a sandbox as a result. Margot is definitely annoyed that she can't take her shoes off, but I remind her that it makes it better to climb on the surrounding rocks with shoes on. So far she's accepting that explanation.

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