Friday, June 08, 2007

Where in the world is Margot Emily?

We're on our annual trip to Chincoteague, VA. Sorry I haven't posted for a while but it's been pretty busy getting Brodie off to London and selling our condo and working and everything else that's been going on.

Margot is doing just fine. Well, mostly. She's been throwing some massive tantrums lately; I think it's partly because she's missing Brodie and partly because she's, well, two years old. In the blink of an eye, she can go from a smiling little girl to a hyperventilating toddler who screams, "I will not wear my hat! I will not wear my hat! I will not wear my hat!" (Or "I will not hold your hand" or "I will not eat my dinner!" or "I want to feed the horses one more time!")

This will pass, I am sure. Some folks have mentioned that they think age 3 is worse than age 2 so I am a little concerned that this isn't the worst of it.

We went to the beach this morning, which Margot adored (it resulted in a tantrum of "I can't want to go home!" when it was time to go nap). She dug in the sand, and sat in the shallowest part of the surf, and watched her cousins Ben and Anna fly a kite, and blew bubbles with Grandma.

More photos and stories tomorrow!

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jenn d said...

more photos!!! she is such a cutie!