Monday, September 10, 2007

First Day of Glorified Daycare, uh, I Mean School

Margot started her 'preschool' program today. Let's face it, 'preschool' is just a euphemism for daycare, but so what. When Margot turns three in December, she'll move out of the toddler program and into the proper preschool program at Penn Children's Center.

Margot's classroom is called the Sea Turtles, and her teacher is named Marcus. She took her first day in stride, and didn't mind at all when I left this morning. In fact, amidst a sea of crying children, I saw her happily leading two wailers into her classroom when I left. When I picked her up, she looked disappointed.

Here she is with her lunchbag this morning.


Auntie Tealy said...

Gah she's so cute!! Look at those shoes!

jenn said...

what a doll!! i love reading your blog, claud.. the posts make me laugh out loud.. today it was reviewing the princesses at Windsor Castle post.. :)