Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Halloween 2007 marked Margot's first true Halloween. She eagerly trick-or-treated in our neighborhood, and flashed a winning grin every time she grabbed a fistful of candy instead of just one or two pieces. There was one house, though, where she refused to take candy, saying, "I don't like any of this candy." (That was a little embarrassing.)

She received lots of compliments on her costume, and many people asked if I made it myself. No, I am not that crafty. I don't even sew buttons unless I have to. One man went so far as to say, "Really? Because you look like the kind of woman who would make such a costume." (WHAT? What is that supposed to mean???)

Happy Halloween everyone! Margot is currently in a candy-induced coma right now. Wish her teachers luck tomorrow - I am sure she, and the rest of her class, will be a cranky, stomach-ached, mess.


grandmaD said...

Make sure you don't go back to that guy's house next year.

Mothering Mini said...

It was a store owner, mom. He wasn't creepy - just misinformed!

Mahlers On Safari said...

She is just super duper cute!