Friday, December 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Margot!

Today is Margot's third birthday! We had a great day. In lieu of a party, we just had a quiet family day at home. All of Margot's friends are away this week since the Wharton students are on winter break. Honestly, it was just as well and I don't think Margot minded at all (she did get to have a classroom party last week at preschool, which qualifies as a kiddo-party in my mind).

It started with some lazing on the couch and a few episodes of Caillou. Then we had a birthday lunch complete with chocolate cake with vanilla frosting and raspberry filling (the chocolate and vanilla were Margot's requests, the raspberry filling was my own touch). Baba and Grandpa Ruland and Teal came for lunch, and stayed for Margot to open her birthday presents. After lunch, Margot took a short nap and then we headed to the Imax Theater at the Franklin Institute to see The Polar Express. The movie was Margot's special birthday treat, since she's never been to a movie before. She did great! She did comment a few times that the movie was scary (the Imax features made it extraordinarily loud and created some motion sickness for me and Brodie) but she laughed at the appropriate times and genuinely enjoyed the experience.

I can't believe she's three years old. Her babyhood has completely slipped away. My memories of nighttime feedings and diaper changes are so fuzzy that I need pictures to remind me of what she looked like then.

Happy Birthday Margot!

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