Monday, February 11, 2008

Where Does the Time Go?

I have no good excuses as to why I haven't written an update in a while. Margot provides us with some little anecdote over which to laugh every single day. We haven't been on an extended vacation, and I'm working less right now than I did in the fall. That said, the past three weeks have just flown by. The quarantine was lifted weeks ago. Margot is happy and healthy again.

One change I'd like to note is in Margot's sleeping habits. We were very spoiled for the first two and three-quarters years of her life. She consistently napped and slept right on schedule. She logged almost 12 hours at night and an hour or more in the afternoon. It was lovely. I was sure she would be one of those kids who naps right up until they leave for kindergarten.

And then, one day, it ended. Now, while Margot would love to take an afternoon nap, I have a new challenge: entertaining her all afternoon so that she doesn't have the opportunity to fall asleep. That means we can't be in the car in the afternoon, and I can't give her quiet time in her room or she'll crawl into bed. 'What's the matter with that?' you say. Well, if she naps, then we can't get her to go to bed until 10 or 10:30 pm, which just does not work well in our house. I believe in children going to bed by 8 pm. This provides Brodie and me some much-needed sanity and time to hang out together. Completely exhausting her is the only way to get her to go to bed after dinner.

In addition, Margot developed a habit of crawling into bed with Brodie and me sometime back in December. Too exhausted to protest (usually around 2 am), we just let her do this since she usually went right to sleep. But then she started bringing 'friends' in bed (Babi, Bun, Clover, etc.) and then she started pushing me to the edge of the bed (not Brodie, just me) and I said "Enough!" One night in January, I pulled my sleeping bag out of the closet and threw it next to the bed with a pillow. It's been there ever since. And every night, sometime around 1:30 or 2:00 am, Margot comes upstairs with Babi and goes to sleep in the sleeping bag. She doesn't even wake us. I'm curious how long this will last.

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Mahlers On Safari said...


Hate to tell you but you've entered dangerous territory. Once you let them in it is almost impossible to get them out.

J and R still climb into my bed almost every night. The first one is usually in by 2 AM and by 4 AM I am sandwiched between the two of them. My pleas to wait until the sun comes up fall on deef ears - and I'm too tired/lazy to get them to go back to their own beds when they crawl into mine. In fact, I often don't even wake up when the first one (usually J) comes in.

Pole sana.