Monday, May 12, 2008

Logic 101

Margot's astute observations are teaching me how the items in our daily lives are misrepresented. How would I function if I couldn't read? Well, I'd probably function as Margot does.

For instance, yesterday Margot asked for a squirt of Pam Cooking Spray in her mouth because she thought it was whipped cream. Why did she think it was whipped cream? Well, because there is a picture of a bundt cake on the front of the can, of course.

Last week, the new bedding that I ordered for Margot arrived. I had showed her the picture of the bedding on the Internet and she agreed that pink and green dragonflies would be pretty in her new room. But when the bedding finally arrived, she pouted.

"Where's the bookshelf?" she asked. "And the little pillow?"

"What bookshelf?" I said. "I ordered a comforter, Margot, not a bookshelf."

"But there was a bookshelf in the picture," she pointed out. "And a little pillow. And a doll on the bookshelf..." she continued.

See, the bedding was staged in the online photo. I explained we only bought the bedding, but Min thought it very misleading that the sellers would show those other items in the advertisement if they weren't included in the price.

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