Monday, July 28, 2008

P-O-T-S means Stop

I know I am so overdue for an update. I am hearing this from many angles. Renovating this house is really taking a toll on us. I will post new photos soon.

Meanwhile, here's a tidbit that I want to record for myself. A few days ago, Margot and I were driving through the neighborhood when I slowed and stopped at a stop sign. Out of nowhere, Margot reads, "P-O-T-S. Stop! I can read!"

'Oh my goodness,' I thought. 'She's dyslexic.'

But then I convinced myself that she needs to be taught to read from left to right, that's all. And so I've been working on that and she's adjusted fairly quickly.

Now I'm forced to make a full stop at every stop sign so that Min can spell ('read') the word.

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