Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

Happy Thanksgiving all! We celebrated Thanksgiving out in Sherwood, which has been our tradition for the past few years. We had another gorgeous day, although considerably chillier than last year. Also following tradition, we took the boat out for its last ride of the season before retiring it for the winter. Fortunately, Brodie and I did not have the same scare as last year , but we did run out of gas about 250 feet from shore.

Margot loved riding in the boat and even had a chance to steer on her own, since there weren't any other boats out on the water.

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Mahlers On Safari said...

Wow. She is really getting big!

I love the native american comment.

I'm having to answer all sorts of issues about poverty and race these days - which is very challenging. (Like, why do Tanzanians live in dirty houses when our houses are painted?) Everytime we get out in the car it is a minefield.