Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Valentine's Day Drama

As I've noted before, the bulletin board outside of Margot's classroom reflects an ever-changing poll of her and her classmates' opinions. In the past, Miss Stephanie and Miss Brooke have polled the kids on their presidential candidate preferences, what they hoped to receive for the holidays (this is how I was clued-in to the fact that Margot wished for a mermaid doll from Santa), and what kinds of vegetables the kids like to eat.

Today the bulletin board asked, "Who is your Valentine?" I scanned the board and looked for Margot's response. "My mom," it read. Good. There were a lot of moms noted, a couple of dads, and one response said, "My grandma. She's old."

Two responses caught my eye, though. In response to "Who is your Valentine?," a boy named Spencer in her class responded "Margot." And then I saw it again: "Margot" written on Sean's response heart.

Oh, brother.

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