Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Jonas Brothers vs. Lehman Brothers

Clearly Margot's two worlds are colliding, and with mixed results. As she grows up and encounters new friends (with older siblings!) at school, she's learning more and more about pop culture (for better or for worse). Coupled with the business-talk she hears at home, it makes for very amusing discussions.

On the way home from school today, Margot asked me: "Who are the Lehman Brothers?"

Surprised, I tried to think of the simplest answer I could. "It's a company, honey," I said, too tired to delve into explanations of bankruptcy and unsure how much of Lehman Brothers even exists now. "You should ask Daddy - he can explain Lehman Brothers better."

(Sidenote - Brodie and I long ago divided topics that we'll teach Margot. Me = life sciences, vocabulary, writing, health, languages. Brodie = all math after fractions, world history, business/finance, budgeting, sports, architecture. It should be a good balance.)

Margot thought for a moment. "Well, are they like the Jonas Brothers?"

Some of you may have to follow the links to appreciate the difference between the two, but I guarantee it's a good laugh if you do!


Mahlers On Safari said...

My question is... how the hell does she know who the Jonas Brothers are? Lehman Brothers I can understand her being exposed to, with Brodie's business...

Claudia... are you a secret Jonas Brothers fan???????

Mothering Mini said...

I actually had to look up the Jonas Brothers myself after she asked! I had heard of them, but had no idea what they looked like. I thought they would be more like Hanson and was surprised when I saw what they looked like.

I don't know where she picked that up. A lot of her school chums have older siblings, so I think there must have been some playground talk!