Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dare I say it?

...Lest I jinx her, but Margot has been making a concerted effort to stop sucking her thumb and she's actually having some success. Several nights this week she has gone to sleep without Babi in hand and thumb in mouth. This is purely of her own doing. She started burying Babi under a pile of stuffed animals on the bed and falling asleep without him.

Last night, though, there were a lot of tears after lights out and some sobbing saying "It's hard to stop sucking my thumb!"

I don't know if she's getting peer pressure at school (Babi never goes to school with her, so I don't know how the kids would know she sucks her thumb), or if she's determined to wear nail polish (I told her no nail polish until she can keep her hands out of her mouth), but something is spurring her to break the addiction.

Maybe it's the threat of swine flu?

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