Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Bike of Her Own

(Camera-phone photo. Hence the fuzziness.)

Last weekend Margot became the proud owner of a new bike.

Unfortunately, the bike came without training wheels, so Brodie and I have been accompanying her and holding the back of the seat. After four days of this, I ordered training wheels online last night.

I don't recall ever having training wheels on my bike (and I vividly remember my first beloved bike - it said "Dusty Rose" on the frame. I thought that was the most beautiful phrase I had ever heard.). However, I do remember the moment I learned to ride my bike without someone holding onto it. My parents and brothers were watching something on tv on a gorgeous sun-splashed afternoon, and no one wanted to come out to the sidewalk with me while I practiced riding. I huffed and puffed and took my bike out alone. Lo and behold, I got on, rode, and didn't fall off. That moment set the stage for my future independence (I really believe that).

I hope for the same for Margot, but I think we'll go the training wheels route for her. I don't think my back can take another week - let alone the months - it will probably take for her to learn to ride without them!


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