Monday, July 27, 2009

School Supplies

Margot will be starting pre-K at a new school in the fall. While we're very happy with her current (soon-to-be-former) school, its distance from our house makes morning and evening commutes trying on the best of days (and downright painful on the worst of days).

So M is a little apprehensive about this upcoming change, but I am trying to ease her transition. This weekend we had a playdate with a new friend in the neighborhood who will be in her school. We also made a trip to Target to purchase some new school supplies.

Margot oohed and ahhed over the backpacks for no fewer than 20 minutes. She tried them all on, and finally settled on a blue Tinkerbell backpack that is almost as big as she is. (This was after I said no way to a Hanna Montana backpack; she didn't need much convincing though. She's never actually watched Hanna Montana.) I told myself she'd grow into it. Then, we moved to the lunchbox aisle. Once there, she immediately latched onto a pink Disney princess lunchbox. Yuck. But that's what she wanted, and I want her to feel as if I support her choices (at least the benign ones). So we bought the princess lunchbox and I swallowed my disdain of the princesses.

Margot's adoration of the princess lunchbox reminded me of my favorite lunchbox - the red, plastic, Ewok lunchbox I used during first grade. It looked just like this one. I don't know if M will reminisce as fondly about this soft, pink lunchbox as I do over my Wicket lunchbox. I wish there was way to know exactly which items are making a life-long impression on her! In 28 years, will she be writing a smiliar post?


GrandmaD said...

I don't remember that lunchbox. Did I buy it for you or did you inherit it from one of your brothers?

Mothering Mini said...

Oh, it was shiny brand-new, just for me.

Mahlers On Safari said...

I have the same approach to the princesses, tinkerbell. I figure if I deny here these now, then Rowan will never grow out of the phase of wanting them. So Rowan went to her first day of Kindergarten yesterday with three princesses backpack - and Jaden with his Spiderman backpack - which somehow feels more benign, but likely isn't.

Laura [What I Like] said...

Do they not do those hard sided lunch boxes anymore? I used to love mine...I feel like it may have been blue but have no recollection of the decoration. I do very clearly remember my matching thermos though. Ah those were the days...before juice boxes.