Thursday, September 10, 2009

First Soccer Season

Soccer season started today. Margot was ready: pink socks, sparkle shoes, skinned knees, and all. She wore shin guards to practice but won't in the future - they are just too big for her, and are really not necessary with a bunch of 4 and 5 year olds. Poor Margot looked as if she was running with casts on her legs.

She even scored a goal - although, truth be told, her goal came at the expense of another girl. The other team had the ball and was running it toward M's team's goal, when the lead girl tripped over herself and fell flat on her face. The other girls stopped and crowded around her while the girl screamed. Margot caught up, got the ball, turned it around, ran it back up the field, and kicked it into the unguarded net. (The fallen girl was fine, by the way. She only hurt her pride.)


Mahlers On Safari said...

Hey... I wouldn't call that "at the expense of another girl". All's fair in love and soccer.

I see her team is quite well sponsored. How professional!

Mothering Mini said...

Haha - That's the Bolivian team uniform. Brodie brought it back for her from Bolivia last year. :) She was the only one in soccer gear - one girl played in a sundress. I mean, c'mon, a sundress? :) At least put some shorts on her! (Says the mom, whose own daughter has been known to throw massive fits and insists on wearing dresses inappropriately, even when it's 5 degrees Farenheit outside.)

Mothering Mini said...

As I reread my comment...I don't mean she wears the dresses inappropriately, but wears them in circumstances that aren't dress-appropriate. (Like snow)
Time for more coffee.