Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Visit to Santa

On Sunday afternoon, Margot went to the movies with me, a few of her classmates, and their moms. (We saw The Princess and the Frog.) On the way up to the theater, I noticed a "Santa throne" in the mall below (a very small mall, so I was happy there wouldn't be a line). After the movie, I saw Santa was sitting in his chair, and so I took Margot downstairs to see Santa.

It turns out that this Santa was a 'signing' Santa (yes, that's right, 'signing' and not 'singing.') He was deaf, and was supported by an organization for the hearing impaired. He spoke not a word to Margot, but his elf asked Margot questions - which she answered - and then the elf signed to Santa. Santa signed back, and the elf translated.

Margot didn't notice anything amiss and asked no questions about it. She was just happy that she got in her three Santa requests: a wooden castle, "a make-up kit for kids," and a small sandbox.


GrandmaD said...

Just like you never noticed that your first Cabbage Patch doll was black. It was the only one I could find.

Mahlers On Safari said...

Looks like you guys have been having a banner month! Merry Xmas to you guys.