Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Camping Aftermath

Now that I look at the camping photos, I feel I should have known Margot was coming down with something. Her eyes look a little hollow. Alas, by Sunday evening she had a low fever and a sore throat. A trip to the pediatrician on Monday revealed she was positive for strep throat.

The doc gave the ok to send her to school today if she stayed fever-free yesterday, so she’s back at school today. Getting her to take another 17 doses of grape-flavored amoxicillin is going to be a challenge, though. If that stuff tastes as badly as it smells (and Margot assures me it is, indeed, awful), we are going to run out of bribes before the 10 days are up!

I had to pay an extra $2.99 for the pharmacy to change the flavor of the medicine from "awful" to "grape-flavored and still awful." If they are going to charge for flavor, shouldn't it at least be palatable?

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