Saturday, October 13, 2012


Last night we were fortunate enough to have tickets to see the Nationals play the Cardinals in game 5 of the division playoffs. Margot was generally excited to go to the game. She's not a baseball lover (let's face it, I'm the only baseball fan in the family) but she liked the idea of staying up late and eating treats at the stadium.

We arrived and everyone was in great spirits.

And the game was off to a great start! The Nats took an early lead and I felt confident we would be part of Washington baseball history.

And then that lead started disappearing. One run here. Two runs there. But then the Nats got an insurance run in the eighth inning. I was so sure that they'd win and I could show Margot how awesome baseball is when you're a winner. By the eighth inning, by the way, she was miserable. She was cold, and exhausted, and crabby. She wanted to go home. There was zero chance I was going to miss the end of the game. I told her about how exciting it would be to watch all the players pile onto each other when they won the game and moved onto the league playoffs. I told her how fun the Metro ride back would be - like a party! This was going to unite Washington! She'd be part of history!

And then they blew it. And I wanted to cry. And she was left wondering what all the fuss is about.

I hope I haven't ruined her chances to ever truly love baseball. There's always next year.

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