Wednesday, August 09, 2006

"Mindependence Day"

First off - Piggy is still missing. Last night I gently explained that he was missing and we didn't know where he was, and she completely comprehended that idea. Not that it made it any better, but she looked around her room for a minute and then proceeded to cry for the next three hours. I think the fact that I was crying too really drove the message home to her; after all, she's never seen me shed tears before, so this must have been something serious.

This morning when I entered her room she looked at me hopefully and said, "Baba?"

But when I said I was sorry, he is still missing, she just asked to come out of her crib and hasn't mentioned him since.

Portia and I took a late night walk last night with a purpose: I figured the local homeless guys would be checking the trashcans (and I was right). I asked them all if they'd seen Piggy and they were very sympathetic, but no one had seen him. Oh well.

On another note, we had our first group playdate today with the Wharton Kids Club. Approximately 10 moms and toddlers gathered at Taney Playground to chat and let the kids explore a bit. I shouldn't be surprised, but there were no men present; I wondered if there were any stay-at-home dads in the club since in DC it seemed as if SAHDs were everywhere. But alas, it's all women and kids about Margot's age.

She loved it! I know already that she will not look back at me when her first day of kindergarten arrives. She was perfectly content to toddle away and explore everyone else's toys and snacks. I wasn't sure at what point I was supposed to intervene, because I don't like to stunt her exploration. Mostly I intervened when it involved her eating someone else's food. I think she wins the 'most confident' award today, which is something unexpected. Go Min! I knew she'd be an adventurer.

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