Thursday, October 05, 2006


Margot's vocabulary is exploding these days! Everyday she's adding new words to her repetoire, which is good for me because it means our conversations can go beyond:

Margot: "Mama! More cookies!"
Me: "How about some apples?"


Margot: "Mama. Punkie. Broken. Mama! BROKEN!"
Me: "Yes, Margot. I'm sorry. I broke the pumpkin by accident."

(Margot has a tiny pumpkin that had a little stem until I dropped it two days ago and the stem broke off. She has not yet forgiven me for this. I also prefer a pumpkin with a little stem, but it's not like the pumpkin itself was smashed!)

Other words of hers that I want to remember forever:

"Wampum" = Water (I think there's something primal about her calling water wampum)
"ROW-ies" = Flowers
"Chi-CKEN"= Chicken nuggets, heavy emphasis on the 'ken.'
"Buddha" = Buddha (See previous post)
"Eh-oh" = Elmo
"Bow-bow" = Any hair ribbon, bow, or barrette

And, possibly my very favorite: "Pizza" (said very very fast and always with a huge smile. Think "Pi-zzah!")

The comedy behind her pronunciation probably doesn't translate well to the written word. I wish I could upload little soundbites for each one so I could always remember them.

Oh, other recent vocabulary accomplishments:
A proper name for Portia (Porsche - which, coincidentally is how I pronouce the name of the car.)
A proper name for herself (Margot - clear as day!)
Her first color recognition: Yellow

Participation component of this post:
Since she basically picks up whatever words I feed to her, I'm taking suggestions for interesting and/or comical words to slip into day-to-day conversation. (Nouns work best but some adjectives are ok too).


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Hmmm...that's a good one but she can't eat peanuts yet b/c of the potential for allergies. Is there another oddly named movie candy that you like that doesn't contain nuts?