Friday, December 15, 2006

Coincidence? I Think Not.

Last night, there was a 400% increase in nighttime crying and visits to Margot's room. (That is, she went from zero crying incidents over the past 18 months to four in one night.) It ended with Margot coming back to bed with us around 5:30 - ugh.

I don't think it's scary monsters, but the link between Caillou Hears a Noise and Margot's awakenings is unmistakable.

Brodie and I both awoke with that tired 'pit' in our stomachs, a feeling I haven't experienced since Margot had 2:00 am feedings about 18 months ago.

You can be sure that I am returning Caillou Hears a Noise to the library this morning in favor of a less disruptive Caillou book.

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