Thursday, December 28, 2006

Happy Birthday Margot!

Today is Margot's 2nd birthday! Two years ago today she emerged kicking and screaming, although quite unexpectedly. And even though she was born three months early, she really did arrive kicking and screaming. She's truly incredible, and impresses me everyday with her smarts and her accomplishments.

A few months after Margot was born, I had a doll made to her preemie measurements at birth: 1 pound 15 ounces and 14.5 inches long. Here is a photo of Margot holding that baby doll so you can see how she's grown:

She truly enjoyed her day. First we went out for pancakes this morning (her favorite). Next we went to a bakery and ordered a Curious George birthday cake (she is psyched, but cried when we left the bakery without it since her party isn't until Saturday). Then we unpacked and assembled all of her Christmas toys - also a huge hit (I know Christmas was a few days ago, but it took us a few days to settle down and open all the boxes and plastic). After a failed attempt at a nap, we went to Target and bought supplies for her party on Saturday (including a pinata, which is really for our friends and not for the five children under age 5 who will attend her party. The kids will play pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey.) After that, we came home, ate a dinner of salmon and rice and green beans (all her choices), she opened some gifts (soundly rejecting one of my gifts to her - a purse that looks like Portia - as 'scary') blew out her candle and ate a cupcake.

Happy birthday darling. We really love you and the frights we experienced two years ago today were all worth it.

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Queen Haline said...

Happy Birthday Margot!

You are a miracle baby. I can't believe you are already two years old!

Rowan noticed that you were wearing a sweater she gave you on your birthday and was very happy!


Jaden, Rowan and Hally