Monday, December 11, 2006

Ho Ho Ho-rror

Thanks to Aunt Teal for submitting this photo!

Editor's note - Just so you don't think we're entirely cruel for subjecting Margot to Santa after all my postings about how she fears the big Claus, I want to note that this photo was actually taken a few weeks ago, before the Wharton Holiday Party and other Santa events. This was actually her first encounter with Santa, preserved for all posterity.


Mandy said...

OMG. I'm sorry I laughed at Margot's picture. Her face is as red as Santa's coat.

Hope you're well. We got back from a Thanksgiving trip to San Francisco, and I've been scrambling to catch up with school work ever since. I'd like to talk to you soon. Happy Holidays!

Teal said...

When she finished screaming, I asked her if she wanted to give Santa a hug and she hugged him, then screamed some more and tearfully said, "Bye Bye Santa"