Saturday, December 09, 2006

The Holiday Party Circuit

Last night was Margot's night to socialize with her compadres at the Wharton Kids Holiday Party. She has a few 'friends;' I'm defining the word 'friends' pretty loosely (friends are children she recognizes by name, but for the most part she's not interested in playing with any one person in particular).

Except for Caroline.

Caroline is Margot's favorite friend, the one she asks for all the time. It's pretty understandable, since Caroline is a few months older and is therefore much cooler. Margot admires Caroline wholeheartedly, and I support this completely since Caroline is a very sweet girl who positively influences Margot. In this photo, Margot is trying to show her affection for Caroline by holding her hand but Caroline wanted none of that.

It's not that Caroline doesn't like Margot (her parents report sudden outbursts of "Margot! Fun!" from Caroline at home), but I guess she just doesn't share in Margot's physical affection.

While Margot does try to imitate everything Caroline does (running fast, climbing, and generally acting independent and confident), she drew the line at sitting on Santa's lap. In fact, Margot refused to even enter the room where Santa Claus sat and offered toys to the Wharton offspring, even after Caroline did so.

Perhaps we should sign all of Margot's Christmas presents "Mommy and Daddy" instead of "Santa;" I fear she'll reject them otherwise!

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