Tuesday, January 23, 2007

So Big!

I love that when I ask Margot, "How big is Margot?" that I can still elicit the "So big!" response.

(BTW - note the little Pebbles-style ponytail on top of her head. I think we'll have pigtails by summer!)

Margot really is 'so big' now. Before our walk to the post office this morning, she insisted on putting on her own boots. It took quite a while (note the boot going on backwards) but she mostly did it without help.


Mandy said...

She looks so fashionably retro with the heart outfit. I could see that in my first grade class picture.

Queen Haline said...

Very cute. I think I recognize that sweater, no?

Mothering Mini said...

I love you guys for posting. I really do.

You do recognize that sweater Hally! Margot's wardrobe is 50% hand-me-downs from Rowan. What will I do next season??? ;)