Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Baby Talk

Margot's vocabulary improves every day. The other day we drove beneath a train trestle and she shouted, "Trestle! Trestle!" 'Trestle,' I thought? That's a bona fide vocabulary word. Thomas the Tank Engine must be responsible for that one.

She doesn't have very many 'baby words' left - you know, those words that aren't pronounced correctly but are pretty cute when she does say them. ('Foffee,' for coffee, faded out months ago.)

So before they disappear altogether, I thought I'd note some of Margot's remaining baby words.

"Meena" for banana.
"Mato" for tomato.
"Nammies" for pajamas. (She might say this one well into adulthood.)
"Monkey George" for Curious George.
"I you" for I love you. (Ls give her trouble so she tends to skip them.)
"Pack Pack" for backpack.

And, my new favorite, "MamaI'mComing!" All one word. Shouted at the top of her lungs. Note, this is a perfect example of "Eats Shoots & Leaves, Lynne Truss' popular book about society's penchant for poor grammar usage. She's not saying, "Mama, I'm coming" which would indicate that Margot herself was coming toward me, but rather uses it as a means to request my presence (usually after awakening from a nap.) This is the result of her shouting, "Mama" and me replying, "I'm coming" from down the hall.


Queen Haline said...

Jaden still says F*U*C*K for "truck", even though he can say the "t" sound just fine in other words - like tractor. I think he just finds in amuzing.

My favorite, however, is Rowan's use of the word "yesterday". Essentially, in means anything that just happened in the past, including 10 minutes ago.

guess who said...

It should read "my replying." Replying is a gerund and gerunds are modified by the possessive.