Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Coffee Nation

When I stereotype little girls, I imagine them sitting in dainty dresses with ruffled socks and patent leather shoes around a table set for tea.

Margot, of course, eschews these stereotypes.

The past few mornings Margot demanded I fill her little cup with 'foffee.' The 'foffee' cup comes on our morning walk with Portia (she likes to pretend to sip from it while Portia sniffs around the treewells on our block), and she asks for a refill later in the afternoon (for that late afternoon slump). She offers 'foffee' to me, to Portia, and to her animals and babies.

It won't be long now until she can say 'organic,' 'shade grown,' and 'fair trade' without prompting.


Mandy said...

Just be scared when she starts demanding Starbucks or Caribou! ;)

Mothering Mini said...

I hope she doesn't demand Starbucks! Their coffee always tastes burned to me, I want her to have higher standards than that! :)