Sunday, April 08, 2007

A History of Easter

Here is Margot on Easter 2005 (this is called the "Daffodil photo" in our house):

And then in 2006 (this isn't her actual Easter photo, but was a week or two before):

And now in 2007:

Margot had a nice Easter, despite a lot of crankiness today (and not much candy, so the sugar/caffeine isn't to blame). She behaved well in church. She enjoyed searching out her Easter basket, which the Easter Bunny hid in the living room. She REALLY enjoyed snacking on jellybeans, and didn't show an affinity for one particular flavor over another (although we didn't have any licorice beans to slip to her). Uncle Tim and soon-to-be Aunt Maggan came to visit for the afternoon and were gracious enough to play tea party for a while. But by 7:30, Min was thoroughly ready to go to bed and recharge for tomorrow.

Here's an extra photo:

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