Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Coldest Egg Hunt Ever

This afternoon Margot went to the Wharton Kids Club Spring party. Our time in Philadelphia is rapidly coming to a close and I this was probably the last Kids Club event we'll attend.

The party included an egg hunt in anticipation of Easter. Despite Brodie's urging for Margot to "get all the eggs you can" she only turned up one egg. It was freezing out, and she wasn't really interested in finding eggs. Mostly she just wanted me to find her coat and put it on her. (An alternate title for this post could be "An Egg in the Hand is Worth Two in the Bush.")

Here is her 'golden' find (stuffed with SweetTarts, which she immediately ate):

After she got her coat on, she was happy to pose for a photo with her friend Kara.

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