Saturday, March 01, 2008

Winter Olympics 2018

Hello from Vail, Colorado!

Margot took her first ski lesson yesterday. She did well, despite a little nervousness. I watched from the sidelines while she came down the bunny hill (with the assistance of a noodle). But she persevered, and every time she came down she went right back up the conveyer belt lift to try again. After the lessons, I assured the Min that I was so proud of her for her bravery and she beamed with delight. For the rest of the day, she crowed to everyone that she skied; however, after I read her a story for bed ("Madeline"), she asked me, "Mommy, why did I go to ski school today?"

"So you can ski with Daddy when you get bigger," I replied.

"Oh. Okay."

Today she's taking the day off, but there's some snowshoeing in our future this afternoon.

One Ski On:

Up the Conveyer Belt Lift:

Coming Downhill (Min's in green):

Apres Ski:

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Auntie Tealy said...

She's a mini Brodie! Love the Dora helmet..