Monday, January 12, 2009

Amen to that!

Despite our crazy work/life schedules, we almost always eat dinner together at the dining room table. Still, occasionally, we will break from that pattern. Tonight, circumstances made me feed Margot early this evening. (Circumstances also made me feed her a dinner of Kraft Mac and Cheese and a bowl of peas, but that's why she takes a multivitamin every day.)

While she sat at the dining room table, spoon poised to dive into the peas, I suggested she say a quick grace before her meal. She lowered her spoon, and this is what she said,

"Dear God. I love you. I love you even though I can't see you. [Pause.] Thank you for helping Santa to make my mermaid doll and the fins for my Dora toy. Thank you. Amen."

Not bad!

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