Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Jurassic Park

Margot's class is learning about dinosaurs this month. She's amassed an impressive vocabulary of dino-types (mine is limited to T-Rex and Brontosaurus, which I think doesn't even exist anymore, kind of like Pluto is no longer a planet.)

Here is our conversation during our ride home this evening, after I picked her up from school:

Min: "Mommy, do you know how the dinosaurs died?"

Me: "Well, I don't think anyone really knows. How do you think they died?"

Min: "I have my theories." [She honestly said that. I stifled a guffaw. She has theories?]

Me: "Oh yes? What are they?"

Min: "Well, maybe a big meteor hit the earth and covered all the food with dust and the dinosaurs couldn't find anything to eat. Or maybe it got really cold and the dinosaurs' food died so they died too."

Me: "Those are good theories. And do you know what a meteor is?"

Min: "Of course. It's a carnivore."

[Get it? She thought a meteor was a 'meat eater!']

I just about died myself but kept my laughter inside (she's so sensitive to laughter these days).


Anonymous said...

HI Claudia Ann & Margot,
Your mom/grandmom alerted me to this Blog! It will be fun to keep up with the family. My Xmas card to you came back. After you moved, it was not forwarded. Merry Christmas & Happy Newe Year 2009!
LAD from NYC

Walter Jeffries said...

*grin* I had almost exactly this conversation a couple of weeks ago with our daughter of about the same age. It is wonderful listening to them present back all that they learn. The little twists can be so revealing!