Monday, February 16, 2009

Eyes in the Back of my Head

I've gotten good at staying two steps ahead of Margot and anticipating her actions when she is out of my sight. I recognize that at some point in the past four years I crossed over to the other side. Once I was the person trying to get away with things; now I am piecing together the clues.

Tonight I put Margot to bed with instructions to go straight to sleep since she has a ballet recital tomorrow morning. (My wish for her to go straight to bed had less to do with the recital than for my desire to have some time to myself. Bedtime is often accompanied by plaintive requests for water, worries over stuffed animals who haven't been seen in a year, and other delays.)

About five minutes after I came downstairs, I heard: "THUD thud thud THUD THUD."

What could that pounding be?

Immediately it dawned on me.

"Put your shoes back in the closet and get in bed!" I shouted up the stairs. There was no reply from her room, but silence followed.

Aha! That one was easy. See, I bought Margot new shoes over the weekend that light up. The thuds were definitely Margot pounding her new shoes on the floor to watch the lights go on.

I secretly hope Margot fell asleep wondering, "How did she KNOW that?"

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Laura [What I Like] said...

Wow, you've become one of those moms you can't put a thing past...poor Margot's going to have a hard time when she hits adolescence!