Sunday, February 15, 2009

Tourists in Our Own Town

Min and I spent Saturday afternoon embracing the Smithsonians. First we went to the Museum of Natural History to check out the dinosaur bones:

Then we wandered through the Sculpture Garden, and Margot burned off the Valentine's Day candy she consumed earlier in the day:

We also spent a little time watching the ice skaters on the rink at the Sculpture Garden:

The best part about having a four-year-old is that she prompts us to do these sorts of things. When we lived on Capitol Hill, I can count the number of times we went down to the Smithsonians (and we were within walking distance!). Taking Min to the museums is so much fun that we make it a point to go once a month or so. Next up: the Sackler Gallery right around Cherry Blossom time!

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Anonymous said...

ooo! can i come down and join you for that one?!? that's my favorite. :)